Identity developed for Chinese Laundry, a California-based shoe brand. The logo was designed to feel open, fluid, and feminine as a reflection of the brand's qualities. 
XTRATUF has outfitted Alaskan fishermen for over 50 years with boots that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions on earth. This icon was developed as a seal of approval for their boots, and was used specifically when introducing new styles that can be worn by commercial, sport, and leisure fisherman alike. The icon was inspired by the boots' unique chevron tread and the coastal Alaskan horizon line. 
Logo created for Paradigm for Parity—a coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the leadership gender gap in corporate America. The logo was designed to express equality and prestige. The typeface used, Trajan Pro, was designed by a female typographer and is based on the Roman letters inscribed on Trajan's Column, a symbol of triumph. 
Logo and supporting icon designed for the Mike Toth Photography Scholarship at Parsons School of Design. Inspired by camera viewfinder graphics and re-configured into a plus sign to communicate Mike Toth's unique and optimistic outlook.
Logo designed for Brahmin's Vault collection—classic Brahmin styles re-designed and re-issued for a limited edition collection. The type was designed to emulate a vault dial, which would animate to spin when accessing the collection on the Brahmin site. 

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